Howard One-Room School is a place for children and adults to connect with Boone County's heritage.

We do this through these offerings:

Our group

Howard School, officially Perry Township School No. 1, is a one room, brick, schoolhouse. It is located east of Boone County roads 750 South and 450 East. This beautiful red brick schoolhouse sits in its original, rural location surrounded by picturesque farmland as it did during the period of 1881 through 1916 while it served the educational and gathering needs of the local community. On its eastern boundary is the historical Howard Cemetery, with burials dating back to the 1830s.

Since 2004, community minded citizens have worked to restore and maintain the deteriorated building and furnishings to their original condition. The schoolhouse is now a living history museum for use by school children, community events and other groups.

Howard School is led by a committed volunteer group and Board of Directors that comprise the Howard School Restoration Group:

The Board is composed of:

    Bonnie Kincaid, President

    Jeff Coan, Vice President

    Elaine Dickerson, Secretary

    Becky Robinson, Treasurer

    Members at Large: Paul Berntsen, William Coan, Joe Griffith, Margaret Kelley, Dave Mace, Beverly Ramsey, Dave Sherrieb

If you want to join us, we hold monthly meetings the first Thursday of May - October at 7:00 at the school. Please email us at Howardschoolhouse@gmail.com first to make sure we are meeting that month.

cool events

The school is a beautiful and interesting place to hold special events.

Howard School offers inside the school for a unique meeting setting. In addition, tables, chairs and a tent are available at an addition cost for outside activities.

Full restroom facilities along with a heated and cooled school are available.  We can accommodate up to 30 people inside the school along with many more folks outside the school on the 1 acre property.

Cost: $90 for the school the entire day

         $90 for tent, tables and chairs

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

                                                                                             Margaret Mead 

​The founder of the restored Howard School is Clifford "Jack" Belcher. In 2004, as the Perry Township Trustee, he contacted many in the community to see if they were interested in restoring the school. Jack was the chief organizer and cheer leader! He was critical to gathering volunteers, supplies, leading projects and doing so much of the work himself.

Unfortunately, Jack passed away February 20, 2023.

Without Jack, the restored Howard School would not have been brought to life again.

We miss him every day.

fun meetings

Howard School is an unique place to hold a meeting for your organization. 

If you prefer, a "school marm" will provide a  short program about a "day in the life" program for adults along with the history of the school.

Full restroom facilities along with a heated and cooled school are available.  We can accommodate up to 30 people at one time.

Cost: $90 for the entire day

field trips

When a class was asked to write down what they didn't like, one child wrote "nothing"!

Four hour school sessions are best suited for third or fourth grade students.  One or two school "marms" will lead your students in a "day in the life" of an 1881 school day. 

Full restroom facilities along with a heated and cooled school are available.  We can accommodate up to 30 students at one time.

Cost: $85

Because of size, the Teacher's Handbook is available in four parts: