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Since 1881, Howard Schoolhouse has been a part of Indiana's history. 

After closing in 1916, the school and community center fell to almost total destruction while storing grain and farm equipment. 

Since 2004, a group of dedicated citizens restored it to its original purpose that now celebrates Boone County's past.  The schoolhouse is a living history museum for use by children and adults alike to experience what school was like in 1881.



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Connecting children and adults with Boone County's heritage

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The Howard One-Room School is a place for children and adults to connect with Boone County's heritage.

Our Connection team needs your help.  We are looking for children and adults alike to experience being taught by our school marms as it was taught in 1881.

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1881 - 1916

Chili Supper

Saturday, October 5th 5 - 7 PM

4555 E 750 S, Brownsburg

Just east of Fayette on 750 S

Howard School is located at 4555 E 750 S, Brownsburg, IN.  Careful - some GPSs may take you to wrong spot!

History is important.  Connecting with our past helps us understand where we are today.  You can connect with history by joining as a member of Howard School.

Our Mission

Connecting children and adults to local history